The motion picture event of the year!

A small film about a BIG subject....


"An incredible film.  An audacious topic

is handled with taste, maturity and humor."

Simon Melville, MovieLover's Review

"One of the best documentaries

of the last 10 years.  Simply magical!"

Leonard Eldon, Chicago Entertainment


"Don't let the title fool you... this one's

a winner.  A cinematic treat!"

Carla Wright, Hollywood Insights

"A fascinating look at modern-day miracles.

Destined for a bounty of Academy Awards!"

Vance LeRoy, Silver Screen Gazette


It was inevitable.  Eventually, a film called "Penis Enlargement: The Movie!" was bound to happen.  And it's now making its way to a theatre near you.  But here's the surprising thing.  This is a surprisingly uplifting motion picture that has critics and audiences on their feet cheering.  Who could've imagined??


"Penis Enlargement: The Movie!" is a fascinating new documentary by award-winning writer/director Michael Evanston.  For eighteen months, Evanston traveled all across the United States interviewing an eclectic assortment of normal "everyday" guys who have devoted their lives to the pursuit of penile enhancement.  Guys so intensely devout in their mission that they've been monikered, perhaps even deservedly so, as "Penis Enlargement Junkies".

Instead of focusing on the negative connotations of this practice, Evanston instead turns his camera on the positive... the miraculous, if you will.  We meet five very different men:  Eric, Lawrence, Dan, Tommy G., and Marvin Terrell (Terrell, coincidently, is the author of the bestselling autobiography "Confessions of a Penis Enlargement Junkie").  These guys have achieved what can only be described as unparalleled success.  The size gains they've attained are not only astonishing, they're inspiring.  The sheer determination and willpower exhibited by these men are universal traits that everyone, regardless of gender, should aspire to achieve.


The film asks and answers many questions:  What are the true secrets of enlargement?  Which methods really work?  Why do some men succeed while others fail?  How much size can actually be gained?  Can a larger penis completely alter one's lifestyle?  And on a deeper, more philosophical level, the movie dares to ask the question, "What does it take to truly be happy with one's own self?".  The answer to this query may surprise you.


"Penis Enlargement: The Movie!" has been screened in prestigious film festivals around the country, winning a multitude of awards and generating the sort of buzz usually reserved for Hollywood summer blockbusters.  It's the kind of motion picture that gets people talking, fuels heated debates, and yes... wins gold statues come Oscar season.


As Lorraine Diehl wrote in "L.A. Film Beat":

"'Penis Enlargement: The Movie!' will make you take a long hard look at yourself.  It might even ignite a spark deep within you to change those rudimentary things that inhibit your happiness and true potential.  This is very powerful moviemaking.  Afterall, how many films actually change lives?"




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